Natural Remedy for Dry Skin


This week we have been focusing on the skin which is controlled by the lung/large intestine system in Chinese Medicine and is associated with Fall. The pathogen of fall is also dryness and you might have noticed your skin getting dry as well. Our natural remedy for the week is Epsom Salts. It seems I’ve been recommending Epsom salts quite a bit lately so I wanted you to know why and how to use them.

Epsom salt baths have many benefits including:
* Easing stress and relaxing the body (massage in a tub)
* Relieving pain and muscle cramping
* Assisting proper muscle and nerve functions
* Helping prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots
* Improving insulin function to prevent diabetes
* Relieving constipation
* Eliminating toxins from the body
* Reliving dry skin
* Volumizing hair
Baths are a great way to receive the benefits of these salts. Many people do not enjoy baths, don’t have a tub or don’t fit comfortably in a tub. Your skin is a porous organ and absorbs what is put on it into the body. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate which is a natural muscle relaxant. Because of the skin’s ability to absorb you don’t have to immerse your entire body into a tub of water to receive the benefits. A foot soak is just as effective. Grab a basin or dish tub and fill with water and pour your salts in with the water. This is also a great way to improve circulation if you have cold feet or numbness in the feet.
An epsom salt bath weekly has many preventative benefits as well especially for insomnia, period cramps, cysts, and after workout soreness.
How to use:
Pour 1 cup (or more depending on your preference) to bath water and soak for 10-20 minutes.
There are several types of salts i.e. dead sea salts, Himalayan sea salts, grey clay etc. Each of these salts contains additional minerals that are beneficial to the body. Depending on the effect you desire.
Detox bath (great for tired, sore or crampy muscles)
1/2 cup epsom salts
1/2 cup sea salt
1/2 cup baking soda
For dry skin take a hand full of epsom salts and massage into skin first before entering bath or shower
I have made a custom bath salt blend for the fall available in the office or I can ship them to you. This blend contains Epsom salts, dead sea salts and Himalayan sea salts with therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender, roman chamomile, and geranium for a perfect fall treat to keep your skin soft and the body relaxed and warm! Leave me a message and I will reserve a Fall Blend just for you!




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