Natural Remedy for Staying Grounded

I’ve had lots on my mind lately. Apparently I’m not alone or the theme of the week wouldn’t be on staying grounded! 🙂

Sunday I met a friend and her son for a walk at Cuba Marsh and it was there that I knew we needed to talk about nature and movement this week. When you are feeling out of sorts the best thing you can do for yourself and your sanity is to turn the computer/cell phone/every electronic you own OFF and get outside ASAP. If you are feeling a little “crunchy-granola” touch a tree, hug it, sniff it even. Ha! But seriously get some fresh air and let your feet make contact with the Earth. There is no better grounding then that, at least in my humble opinion.

In regards to Chinese Medicine it is encouraged to spend some time outside no matter the season. This is important because it helps your body adapt to the climate. My mother and her friends tell me all the time how they would bundle their babies up put them in a buggy (a stroller if you’ve never heard of the term buggy) full of blankets and let them take their nap outside. I don’t know about a nap but a few minutes a day with the proper clothing is definitely not a bad idea.


If you are struggling to stay grounded because of worry or over thinking.  Get out into some fresh air and walk. When you move the opposite arm with the opposite leg (how you probably normally walk anyway) it works both sides of your brain and stops the cycle of obsessive thought. Some fresh air and new scenery will give you a new perspective as well.

What do you do to stay grounded? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂