Natural Remedy for Postpartum Support

At the start of this week I mentioned mother-warming and that’s what we are going to talk about today for this week’s installment of Natural Remedy for postpartum support.

Cultures from around the world use a tradition of keeping the mother warm after child birth even in the warmer months of the year to protect the uterus and health of the mother. This is ideally done 4-6 days after birth.

Mother warming is a technique used to gently nourish the body, helping to tone the uterus and aid recovery after birth at a time when a woman needs to regain her strength to care for her newborn and establish breast feeding.

Small needles are inserted into points on the body that create a feeling of calm and relaxation. While resting with the needles, the acupuncturist will use a Chinese herb called mugwort over acu-points creating a gentle heat  that puts a lovely warmth through the lower abdominal area.

Benefits can include strengthening the center, promoting lactation, preventing baby blues and boosting energy.

Mothering warming can also be combined with a ceremony known as “closing the bones” where a rebozo is used to gently “squeeze” the body. This helps with energetically realigning the body after birth and can feel very nurturing and soothing. Belly binding is also a nice addition after mother warming is performed to keep the body warm and supported.

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