Natural Medicine Cabinet Essential for Winter Blues

Several  years ago I started wearing Joy Essential oil blend on my wrists and over my heart as perfume because I liked how it smelled. It was my go-to oil all winter long and I didn’t even think twice about it.  I wore it for 3 or so winters in a row and it really wasn’t until the 4th winter that I did not wear it that I noticed what a difference in how I felt.

Why smells for your mood? Your sense of smell is your only sense that runs through the emotional center of the brain. There are more interesting facts about your sense of smell here. 

Why Joy? According to the Essential Oil Desk Reference Joy is a blend of oils (rose, bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang, lemon, geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, roman chamomile and rosewood) that produces a magnetic energy that brings joy to the heart, mind and soul. It inspires romance and helps overcome deep-seated grief and depression. The oils in this blend are thought to be uplifting in their scent as well as calming and rose is known to have the highest frequency of any essential oil.

The inner wrists are a great place to massage Joy into because of the calming acu-points found in this place as well. I like to put a drop or 2 on one wrist and then circle the wrists together. If I’m feeling anxious this almost always puts me at ease.

Joy is also a great oil to diffuse, inhale directly or add to bath water (make sure to drop onto bath salts and not directly into bath water for optimal results and safety)

If you are interested in purchasing Joy or a diffuser order here for the best deal or send me a message and I can help you get all set up!

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