Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps at Night? Try sleeping with a bar of soap in bed!

One of my yoga students awhile back shared that putting a bar of soap in bed while you sleep can help prevent night time charley horses. A bar of soap in bed can help leg cramps?

Sounds a little crazy even to me! Apparently this is an old remedy that many people swear by. I had to dig around and see what the fuss was all about. Here is what I found:

Snopes has yet to confirm or deny that the bar of soap in your bed works. 

At the peoplespharmacy they took a poll with 485 votes and got a 4.35 star on a 5 star scale.  One thing I read here that I really found interesting was that the bar of soap needs to be changed every couple of months or it will stop working.

I have recommended this several times to patients during acupuncture treatments and on a few occasions other patients have chimed in that they use it and it works as well. One patient recommended if the cramps are really bad, especially in the toes to take the bar of soap and massage it over the area in spasm for fast relief.

If you are having leg cramps or restless legs grab a bar of ivory or Irish spring soap and unwrap it and put in underneath your bottom sheet. Let me know how it works! 🙂