Natural Remedy for Shoulder Tension

This cold weather may be making you tense your shoulders without you realizing it half the time. In Chinese Medicine the back of the neck is extremely sensitive to wind. If that wind gets into the body it can wreck all sorts of havoc. Its a pretty instincutal thing to hunch your shoulder when the slap of cold hits you. Here is something you can do to release some of that built up tension. (it works for regular old tension too from sitting at a computer too long, driving, stress etc)


Sit or stand up nice and tall. Take a deep breath and lift your shoulders to your ears. Now take your shoulders back (while keeping your chest in the same place) and slide your inner shoulder blades down. Ahh doesn’t that feel good?

The mom in me is going to remind you not to forget your scarf when you go outside too! Stay warm 🙂