Where Did My Cheese Go?

I’ve been driving myself batty trying to make a few very life altering decisions. I am one for meditating on something until I feel completely right about what the decision is and then I go for it. When I was younger the meditation time was much shorter and I wavered much less than I seem to be doing now.

A friend passed along this quick read, Who Moved my Cheese? that is pretty rich in provoking thoughts. I shared it on the facebook page and am sharing here again in case you missed it.

At first I found it so simplistic I didn’t think it was going to do anything for me, you know because I’m so full of depth. (ha ha)

Then a lot of insight hit me and I took some time to meditate on the thoughts from Who Moved My Cheese? I started with these headings in case you want to use for yourself.

What do want?

What am I afraid of?

How do I feel right now?

What do I want to do? Why am I not doing it? (see also What am I afraid of?)

When am I happiest? Most at peace?

When do I feel most accomplished?

This also got me thinking about a phrase a teacher of mine once said often, “awareness precedes change.” Awareness is the first step. You can’t make a change unless you are aware that a change needs to be made first. While I knew on some level the answers to the above questions some of my answers were shocking to myself (and some also a little silly)

I’m sharing here and would love to have a conversation about what you came up with too.