Stay Healthy for Summer

The heart and small intestine system are most active in the summer time.

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The energy of the heart is responsible for circulating the blood. When the heart qi is strong the complexion is rosy. The heart also houses the mind which means controlling both the outward appearance of vital activities of the entire body as well as consciousness in terms of spirit and mental activities. Because of this, the heart governs the memory as well as sleep. It is also said that the heart opens to the tongue. When the heart qi becomes imbalanced or depleted one might experience trouble finding words or becoming tongue-tied due to this connection.

This system is most susceptible to heat. This is the time of year where our energy is abundant and close to the surface. If you’re not feeling energized it can be a sign you didn’t rest enough during the winter months or you may be experiencing “burn out”. Because of the relationship with the Kidneys and Heart if you struggle in the winter months or have a hard time with cold now is the time to fill your reserves so to speak. The Kidneys store your essence (genetics 25% + lifestyle 75%) Your lifestyle choices are constantly replenishing your stores of energy and this is the best way for prevention as well to thrive. Here are a few tips to stay cool for summer and support the heart and small intestine. 

The Heart/Small Intestine System also relates to:

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Emotion: Joy

Taste: Bitter

Pathogen: Heat

Color: Red

Season: Summer

The heart system is damaged with over stimulation. This can be easy to do in our high tech, fast paced world. There is the old adage, “all work and no play….” All play and no work can be just as damaging. Even if you enjoy the work you are doing, if all you are doing 24/7 is work this will eventually catch up with your heart and manifest in ways of insomnia, memory loss, restlessness, and other abnormal mental activities. Balance is key so that you can be the best at your job when you’re working and the best at play with you’re playing. Think about the guy at the office always working that finally “cracks.” The heart can also be easily affected by heat and you might see this manifested on someone who has a bright red face, dry mouth or mouth sores.

Nourish your Heart:

Eat foods in season. Local grown foods are best because the food has adapted to same environment you have.  Avoid heavily processed and/or greasy fried foods. 

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Eat red foods especially watermelon that has a cooling effect on the body. Think strawberries, cherries, red peppers, radishes, and beets.

Cooling foods like celery, cucumbers, brocoli, zucchini, summer squash, salads and fruits.

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Bitter greens like dandelion greens, kohlrabi and collard greens are great additions to your diet to help the heart and cleanse the blood. Leafy greens in general nourish the blood.

Laughter is the best medicine! Laugh and learn to be playful if you tend to be too serious. LaughingOutLoad.gif