Welcome Fall

I realize its been awhile since I’ve had a chance to blog. I’ve been an enjoying a wonderful summer playing in the sunshine with my daughter and we just got back from an action packed trip starting in Colorado going through Estes Park, and then on to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone and spending time in Montana, Jackson Hole, and Idaho and back to Fort Collins. 1800 miles and many hikes later our family is feeling refreshed and ready for fall.

I always enjoy fall. It is a great reminder that their is beauty in death, in letting go and I also love being able to wear flip flops with sweaters. (its the little things in life)

In Chinese Medicine the Metal Element is most active and this relates to your Lung/Large Intestine system. This system is essentially your immune support. The lungs control your skin and nose and the pathogen of this season is dryness. When in harmony the lungs assist proper respiration and contribute to giving energy to all the other systems of the body. However, the lung is considered a “delicate” organ and is easily susceptible to attack which is why many people suffer more with respiratory issues, allergies and colds/flu during this time.


Chinese Medicine is first a foremost a system of prevention. So here is what you can do to keep your body strong this fall.

Incorporate pungent and white foods to your diet. Garlic and onion are the first to come to mind. They are great for the immune system and taste great as well. Lung shaped foods like almonds are also great for the season. As the weather cools it is also important to eat warming foods. Soups, stews and crock pot dinners all help to nourish the body in the cooler months. Staying away from dairy and ice cream helps to reduce phelgm in the body as well.

I will be sharing more soon. Make sure to look for the yogapressure blog for the yoga postures and essential oils for fall coming soon where we address the emotion of the season: grief.