A Ritual for Letting Go

For the College of Lake County session of yogapressure for Fall we used a series of essential oils with the intention of working on letting go as the emotion of the Lung/Large Intestine system in Chinese Medicine is grief. I will post the yoga sequence soon (just as soon as I can get someone to help me take pictures of the postures šŸ™‚ ) For now here are the oils. Interested in hosting a quarterly yogapressure? Let me know!


Valor for balance and magnifying the effects of the other oils. Contains rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense, spruce and almond oil. Apply to soles of feet

Release oil blend for assisting in letting go of anger. Contains ylang ylang, lavadin, geranium, sandalwod, blue tansy, olive oil. Apply to lower right rib cage

Balsum Fir can help respiration, grounding, stimulating to mind, relaxing to body. Apply to nape of neck and under nose.

Grounding oil blend for balance, stabilize, coping constructively with reality. Contains spruce, white fir, ylang ylang, pine, cedarwood, angelica, juniper. Apply to back of neck and breast bone.

Hope oil blend for reconnection, moving forward. Contains melissa, spruce, juniper, myrrh, almond oil. Apply to outer edge of ears.

Harmony to amplify wellness. Contains geranium, rosewood, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, orange, lemon, angelica, hyssop, Spanish sage, jasmine, roman chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, palmarosa and rose. Apply over heart center.

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