Learning to Love the Post Partum Body

My baby boy is 2 weeks old already. How did that happen, I was just feeling like I might be pregnant for ever. I’m still processing my birth and recovering although every day I feel more and more like a person again. I will share it soon.

Its really ironic how whenever I get pregnant I can’t wait to wear maternity clothes and enjoy the growing roundness of my belly then at the very end of pregnancy I can’t wait to wear my regular clothes again and it takes so long for either kinds of clothing to properly fit.

Its really quite amazing what the human body is capable of. It feels as though there are 2 in-betweens. The last few weeks of pregnancy and the 4th trimester. There is so much to still be in awe of in what the human body is capable of but sometimes the desire to fit back into prepregnancy jeans diminishes all of that. Somehow without any effort on my conscious part my body house and helped grow a whole entire person, then with some effort my body expelled said person and now it is continuing to sustain this tiny person’s life again with no conscious effort except for the desire to eat lots of baked goods still through human milk. Really, how crazy and amazing is all that? So I’m trying my best to be kind to my post pregnancy body. It really is a perfect design. Every time the baby needs to nurse it is a gentle reminder to lay down and relax so I do and revel in the sweetness of a baby on my chest. There is no greater feeling than a snuggling baby against your skin. When I see all of my new stretch marks I smile and refer to them as love marks (and I’m not going to lie I also repeat as a mantra my body releases excess weight with ease).

So here is my 4th (+) trimester project in pictures

40.5 weeks (the day before birth, Sarah the planet)

Week 1

2 days post partum

3 days post partum

5 days post partum

6 days post partum


Week 2

week 2.2

Week 3

week 3

Gotta run and feed the baby, Happy Independence Day!


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