Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 5

I’m late to blog this week because we were at our annual family campout this weekend, and we survived 5 week old and all.

This was a big week. I started walking. Monday we did a half a block and Lia searched for dandelions. We haven’t done more than a block and a trip to the school park yet but I’m looking forward to being able to walk to the parks again very soon.

I took the kiddos to the farmers market by myself and was able to babywear, push a stroller all while sipping a cup of coffee and we got everything we needed at the market. I felt like a rockstar. I will try to post the kale scape recipe I whipped up. It was so delicious I could eat just that for dinner.

I’m typing this while rocking, my snuggled up squishie in a moby. This little man is not so little. He gained 4 pounds in a month so that is another great accomplishment.

Thursday I snuck away for an hour to get a pedicure. I’m trying to consciously carve out some time for self care. I’m really looking forward to taking my first yoga class soon.

I’m finding I’m missing my girl. She has gotten so grown up these last 5 weeks. I remember hearing someone say no one told them how much they would miss their older child when a new one came so I thought I was prepared for this. She is just such a delite and so much fun to watch but she doesn’t seem to need as many mama snuggles as she used to. Its very bittersweet.

I’ve observed over these last few weeks that the only time I seem to feel exceptionally good about my body is when I take my weekly photo. Its exciting to see the subtle changes and it’s the only time I don’t feel like I should be a certain number on a scale or certain clothes should be fitting. Its nice to take a moment and say wow look at all my body has done. Here’s to another week of wonder.

week 5