Learning to Love The Post Partum Body Week 10

This week literally flew by. I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of not having to squeeze in nap time for my daughter. I resisted this for so long and it’s been so great I wish I would have done it sooner. Most mornings I’ve had some quiet time to start the day and an actual evening too. Ian is stronger everyday and so super cute. He gets this surprised look on his face that makes me laugh. I imagine every time he wakes up he thinks he’s still snuggled up on the inside and then he opens his eyes and realizes he’s earth side. What a wild transition it must be! (Especially since he almost always wakes up in a completely different place from where he fell asleep) 

My young niece asked me recently if she looked fat. She’s a healthy, strong kid. It breaks my heart it’s already something on her radar. How did we get here anyway? How have unrealistic, photoshopped images become a worthy goal when it’s nothing anyone has ever seen in person. To all women: you are enough just as you are. Let’s stop buying into all this bs. 

I am learning to knit a hat from a lovely, empowered woman in her 90s. She still drives, lives independently, and works. I love hearing her stories. (I hope I’m half as cool if I get the chance to be that old) I’m hoping to finish the hat tomorrow. 

I don’t have much else to say other than I feel really happy, thankful and strong. The scale dropped another 3 pounds this week which is always pleasant to see. 

Seriously though, I’m reminding you again. You. Are. Enough. Just. As. You. Are