Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 11

There is a neat article about breastfeeding floating around the internet that talks about how a woman’s body literally melts her ass fat to make milk. I joked once a very long time ago that if someone was stranded on a deserted island with me my butt would make a great meal, I guess my children would also agree. šŸ˜‰

It was fitting to read about melting this week because that’s exactly how my body has been feeling: like gravity is rolling this pregnancy surplus down. (Maybe it’s rolling to my butt to make milk hehe) 

I’m down another 2 pounds this week which puts me about half way to pre-pregnancy weight. The funny thing about weight though, is that it’s relative. This is the first week that I feel small. At least smaller. Smallish maybe more myself? I can’t find the right words to articulate the feeling. I will say hiding all those clothes that I expect one day to fit again really helps when getting dressed in the morning, that and having clothes that fit right now. I put on pj’s I bought when I was pregnant that I thought would fit after baby was born but had forgotten it takes awhile for the hips to move after babies are born last night and they fit. So I guess you could say it was a good week. It’s all about the little things. 

I finished 2 hats this week and am looking forward to learning how to knit in the round and the magic loop. Here’s my little carrot top.

I’m glad I started this reflection. It’s really helped me find more patience and acceptance of my body. Cheers to another week of melting fat to make milk. šŸ˜‰