Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 15

Holy hot flashes this week batman! I did not have or remember this after Lia. I have a feeling dirty chai lattes might be contributing but it may take awhile to settle. Acupuncture has also helped quite a bit too. Lovely hormones. I try to imagine the heat radiating off me melting some pregnancy weight. 

I’m feeling really lucky to have fallen so perfectly into several circles of women recently. It feels so nourishing to my soul. It’s an interesting space to be in as a mother wanting to commit fully to the role and not lose an identity at the same time while knowing that being who you are can’t really ever be lost. The process of reinventing oneself happens or can happen so many times in a lifetime and it’s so helpful to see it and be supported by women at varying stages in their own lives. We aren’t meant to go through womanhood alone, it’s a gentle reminder this introvert needs every so often. 

I can feel my center getting stronger everyday as I’m learning to heal and engage all these muscles and it makes me feel stronger both physically, emotionally and mentally as well. I feel like I’m carrying myself instead of dragging myself around. 

I’m working on a separate blog about pelvic floor and core rehab. Hopefully it will be done soon. It’s still really hard for me to express thoughts and ideas with words, oh mommy brain. 🙂