Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 17

This week ended much smoother than it began. Lots of exhaustion and tantrums, mostly mine. 🙂 Despite copious amounts of carrot cake (can’t waste homemade cake!) I still managed to loose a pound. It no longer feels like my pre-pregnancy weight is a distant, unattainable goal even if it is 30 pounds or so away. Sometimes these pictures look all the same to me but it was great to acknowledge to myself that the pants I was wearing in the picture last week were pants I couldn’t even put on after the child of mine was born. So it’s been great to see a familiar body shape returning even if the size is bigger. 

I can start back at the gym this week now that we’ve reached the 4 month mark for the child center. We’ve been so busy and finding a groove I don’t even know where the gym will fit but I’m feeling strong and ready for it thanks to PT and core rehab with strong tummies. I’m going to take it slow and work on incorporating what I’ve learned to maintain the strength I have now. What is always most important to be is feeling comfortable in my body and I’m definitely there. 

Now it’s time to process more apples from our apple tree.