Learning To Love the Post Partum Body Week 22

This week has felt like 2 weeks mostly because I’ve been getting up so early with the baby, who by the way is now 5 months and sitting all on his own. Someone please tell him to slow down a little! I feel so much better since I ditched the lattes and that hunk of glue in my guts is gone. I opted for an earlier bedtime and found some real joy in those quiet mornings. This morning for the first time in I don’t know how long I woke up after the sun and before Ian. It was surprisingly bittersweet (I’m not complaining) 

I’ve been on a knitting frenzy but it looks as though I will finish all of my projects on time. I keep adding to my list and overwhelming myself but it’s nice to have a deadline to work towards. I’m feeling like I need something but I’m not quite sure what it is. My brain is achey and wants to learn or maybe it’s my heart it’s hard to tell. 

Lia said this morning, “Mama why are you taking this picture again?” She kind of had a point. Bodies are fluid, they are always changing. Maybe the point is always surrender and acceptance in all things. I find myself thinking what size jeans was I wearing by now when Lia was this age. Why do we do that? Who even cares? So this is me right here and now and it could be totally different tomorrow. 22 weeks ago I had a baby and I can’t imagine life without him.