Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 30

Its been another interesting week. My body is morphing almost drastically, like it does at about this time in pregnancy just the other way around. (thank God) I think its been a combination of a cleaner diet, more yoga and time. I think all of these things needed to be in alignment for the scale to shift. I’ve been thinking alot about (sorry tmi) how many digestive issues I had while pregnant and lots of constipation almost like my intestines where in the way. Upping the fiber content to my diet with all the veggies and fruits has helped significantly to cleaning things out. It makes me wonder if why I held on to so much extra weight for so much longer the second time around is because it was all stuck in my colon. My chronic stomach aches that started after Lia was born are basicallly non-existant. Rehabbing my core made a huge difference in that.

I’ve also been thinking about how much clearer my mind feels and how eating foods that are green and alive give an overall better quality of energy. No jitters or crashing like with lattes. I actually had a latte yesterday and I didn’t even like how it tasted. (I can’t say the same thing for the cinnamon roll though and I don’t feel a bit bad about eating that ;))

Upping the yoga in my life has also made me feel more that a person and not “just” a mom. Its really important to my mental health to have that time as a person without attending to anyone else’s needs and it absolutely makes me a better mom.

Ian has morphed into a velcro baby almost over night. He’s completely fine playing or with someone else until he sees me and then it’s game over. Its almost comedic. He’s just about 7 months old and thinks he can walk. He’s close to crawling and probably would be already if he didn’t spend all of his time trying to stand. And this little meatloaf of mine finally rolled over today. He’s already got 3 razor sharp teeth too. Its flying by so unbelievably fast.

Week 30