Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 31

Its been really interesting taking this time to reflect each week. Sometimes the progress is barely noticeable and there is so much that can be overlooked because its all happening so fast and so slow all at once. Its been fascinating to watch this process of becoming. What I’ve really realized this week is that through all of this I’ve found a greater appreciation for my body and that appreciating and accepting and loving is a practice. This week has been full.

I got to spend some time with a dear friend and her 1 month old. Isn’t it amazing how much growth happens from birth to 6 months? Wow. Its neat to see. Its also amazing to see another post partum body and revel in all of its amazingness. I wish I would have paused more in those early weeks to appreciate more instead of cringe taking those first pictures. There is nothing cringe worthy about a post partum body only beauty and strength and awe. Truly.

I went shopping (now that, at least to me, is cringe worthy). I saw in the mirror myself, at least the version I’m most used to. I bought size 10 pants and they fit. It felt good. I even squeezed into a few pairs of my size 8 jeans that have been hiding out in the office closet. It was nice to know that it won’t be long until they will be comfortably worn again.

I got to have tea with another dear friend and talk about the big things, the good things, the little things. And then I got to paint and catch up with a group of women that have become a life line for me and my season of motherhood. I felt my whole body melt just sitting with them. There’s nothing I can’t say about motherhood that any of them don’t say “oh yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about.” and also, “trust your gut and do what feels right.” (How truly lucky am I to have found all these amazing women) In that moment I was just me, no one’s mother or wife or whatever label I identify with I just was. It was so refreshing. I didn’t want the night to end and yet there was a beauty in knowing that this time of my life where I am so needed and irreplaceable that the me, just me is still in there and there will be time to simply be again.

I’ve been taking some pretty amazing yoga classes.

This week I feel whole.