Postpartum Support


Motherwarming uses the Chinese herb moxa over the lower abdomen points to warm the uterus after childbirth. Benefits of this treatment include strengthening the center, promoting lactation, preventing post partum baby blues and boosting energy. Aromatherapy and gentle massage is also utilized in this treatment. Motherwarming is ideally done 4-6 days after baby is born. For more info visit here. (This is done in the comfort of your own home)

   Pricing: $100


  • Details on creating your personal postpartum plan (via email or phone)
  • Placenta capsules
  • Placenta tincture if requested
  • Follow up with you via phone/email and unlimited email access
  • Custom Placenta salve if requested (small additional fee)
  • umbilical cord keepsake

Pricing: $250

Deposit: $50


  • Details on creating your personal postpartum plan (in person or via email)
  • Information on other options for your placenta
  • Placenta capsules
  • Placenta tincture if requested
  • Custom Placenta Salve if requested
  • Motherwarming and bodywork/acupuncture for mom
  • Follow up with you via phone/email, unlimited email access
  • Umbilical cord keepsake

Pricing: $350

Deposit: $50

Register for any post partum support services for your baby shower!

Placenta encapsulation is done in the convenience of your own home and is a 2 day process. 

I request a $50 nonrefundable deposit and the balance is not due until I start your capsules.
By placing a deposit, you insure that I will be available to you within the first 48 hours (most times sooner) after your birth or I will provide a back up encapsulator for you. 

*there is an additional $25 travel fee if you live outside of a 30 mile radius of Crystal Lake






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