Keep the Wind Out: A Fun Twist on Wrapping a Regular Old Scarf

I mentioned this last week on Facebook. Right now the wind is really wreaking havoc, from neck pain to sciatica, Belly’s Palsy, muscle cramps and rashes to sore throats and colds.

In Chinese Medicine when the body becomes depleted it can easily be invaded by wind through the back of the neck. This can cause all sorts of ailments in the body which is why wind is known as the mother of 1,000 diseases.

What to do, what to do.

First don’t sleep with a fan blowing directly on you or next to an open window especially if its breezy.

The days are warm but the mornings and evenings are cool and the temperature can change quick so make sure to dress in layers and wear a scarf or high collar if you are outside and its windy.

I am always a fan of a scarf or pashmina. Here is a fun twist on wrapping a regular old scarf around your neck. Forgive the pictures, they are self portraits done quickly during nap time! 🙂

Start with looping your scarf like you normally do, see below

Next take the center loop and twist it kind of like a figure 8

Now take the outside ends of your scarf and slide them into the lower loop of your figure 8

And here’s what you will end up with, ta-da! A cute scarf that will keep the wind away