Learning to Love the Post Partum Body Week 3

How do we have a 3 week old already? Some parts feel like a whirl wind and lots of it feels like a whole lot of sitting around. I over did it this past week and paid for it in extra soreness and more couch time. My body is craving some good cardio, a sweaty yoga class that makes me cry and a good swim but I’m not quite there yet, that’s when it feels like a whole lot more than 3 weeks of “resting.”

It seems we are coming out of a growth spurt otherwise known as normal new born behavior and I witnessed the first and cutest milk drunk smile today. Maybe we are finding some semblance of a routine? Ask me again next week. Ha! I’m still having quite a hard time making a decision especially when it comes to what to eat. My appetite seems to be slowly coming back, I wonder if I will have any good nursing cravings like I did with Lia.

Tomorrow starts our new normal. Christian’s paternity leave is over. It just got super real.

This all started back here. 

3 weeks pp