Learning to love the Post Partum Body Week 35

This was a challenging week. I was busy preparing for my daughters first (and 4th birthday), a family friend died and my husband started school. A flip switched on too and my hunger has been ravenous especially for fats. I was in a bit of an existential crisis for a bit pondering what it all means and the only thing I came up with is the point is to be present, here and now is all we have, which is pretty cliche and also really hard to do. I made it to yoga on Saturday and found I could barely breathe, I wasn’t in my body at all and all I could hear in my head was my baby crying. I felt better after and so much better after Lia’s homemade, from scratch party was complete. It was all so much fun. Speaking of not being present I also thought this was week 36 so I made this side by side comparison of 36 weeks pregnant and post partum and it left my feeling in awe and inspired. The human body just blows my mind sometimes.