Healthy Cycles

This program is for women who are looking to understand their body’s natural cycle and how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, regulate cycles, use a natural birth control or just have a better understanding of their own body.

In this program you will learn the Fertility Awareness Method and how to use it to achieve or prevent pregnancy naturally. This includes daily emails for 7 days to understand the basic principles of using the Fertility Awareness Method and how to chart your cycle.

As part of this program you will receive a 30 minute phone consultation with Sarah to review your health history, interpret your charts and answer any questions you may have. Based on your health history and charts Sarah will make custom dietary, supplements and/or herbal recommendations specific to your needs/wants according to Chinese Medicine principles.

If you suffer from common complaints associated with your period including fatigue, cramps, pain, bloating, breast tenderness etc this program can give you insight into why this is happening and how to relieve these symptoms.

Preparing for Pregnancy / Regulating Cycle Imbalances / Natural Birth Control 

  • Fertility Awareness Method course
  • Health history consult
  • Chart interpretation
  • Custom Chinese Medicine recommendations
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months

“I went to Sarah with a number of health issues, with the primary one related to fertility. After only 6 weeks of treatment, following her recommendations on foods, and taking her recommended herbs, I have already seen a significant improvement in the luteal phase of my cycle. This is after having a short luteal phase for 11 months!!! In addition, I feel more centered, have more energy, and am more confident and at ease with my fertility as a result of Sarah’s treatments and expertise. I have been to a number of acupuncturists, but Sarah goes above and beyond what others have done for me. Her competence, positive calming energy, and commitment to improve your health is exceptional. I highly recommend Sarah. You will not be disappointed!” – Kim A 

  Pricing: $150

I started going to Sarah because I was having irregular periods. I also was not sure if I was even ovulating. I was taking birth control for nine years and it was taking an awful lot of time for my body to bounce back. Sarah recommended acupuncture. The sessions were always very pleasant with soothing music and a comfy chair. I felt better and better each time, but my periods were still not as regular as they should have been. I addressed my concern to Sarah who was immediately trying to come up with other ways to regulate my period. Needless to say, at this point in my life I was ready to start a family. I was getting very anxious that things were not working out for me as planned. Sarah understood my issue and took it seriously. Every time I saw her she had done new research for me. She was always eager to help me and look into things for me. At one point we agreed that it was time to make a change in our approach and I started the Healthy Cycles Program. Sarah emailed me all the information I needed to know about a healthy woman’s period including signs of ovulation. She gave me a chart for charting my temperatures each day and informed me on what to look out for in the cervical fluid. I started charting around the end of September of 2013. I noticed that my temperature stayed the same for the whole month. I was a little bit discouraged, but Sarah recommended some Chinese herbs for me. She said these herbs were specifically for women’s hormonal issues. I started taking them on October 30th, 8 pills 3 times a day. 8 days later I was finished with all the pills. Of course in the meantime I was still charting my temperature and changes with the cervical fluid. At this point I did not notice any significant changes with the cervical fluid. It was about the same every day. On November 18th I was excited to email Sarah that I finally noticed a dip in my temperature and sure enough that day I had my period. I kept checking my temps until one day after using the bathroom I spotted a small amount of shiny and sticky cervical fluid. That was the first time in my whole life that I saw that kind of fluid. I was super excited and happy. Right away I let me husband know that I was possibly ovulating. I did not want to miss the big opportunity especially with my history of hormonal irregularities. A month later we were traveling for the holidays and I lost track of my charting. When we came back I realized that I haven’t gotten my period for a couple weeks; however, I was experiencing premenstrual symptoms. I figured I would take a pregnancy test. For my biggest surprise it was positive! Right now I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and very excited to pass the 12 week mark. I owe Sarah so much for her enthusiasm and support. She was there with me the whole time. If it was not for her knowledge I am sure I would still be dealing with infertility issues. I am so glad that we were able to get pregnant without the “help” of hormones. I did not want to go down the road of trying to recover my body from failed hormonal treatments, and Sarah was the perfect therapist for the all natural route. I would recommend Sarah for anyone who is having trouble with conceiving. Her knowledge and support are priceless!        – Adrienn P



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